January is full of exciting things. But you have to create your own fun. Here are some interesting indoors projects to keep the little grey cells active.

  1. Write a short story. Then enter it into the BBC National Short Story Award 2016. www.booktrust.org.uk/prizes/1

Why not? Patrick Ness recently said:

All you need to do is write. Then write some more. Then write again. It’s as easy and impossible as that.

  1. Get some speculative work down. Then enter it into the Chip Shop Awards. If you don’t know them, get to. The least you’ll have is a laugh.
  1. Read more. You can find plenty of inspiration every Friday on the Vintage Vlog. This is marketing gold. Or at least, in my case it is. I have frequently gone out and brought novels as a direct result of watching this. You have been warned. Am also very tempted by the #2016ClassicsChallenge. The idea being that you read one classic a month for 2016.

Still feeling like your mojo needs a major re-wire? Check out Ruby Wax’s Frazzled book about mindfulness. I haven’t read it but it’s always good to be reminded to live in the moment. Particularly if you’re having a crisis of confidence – and let’s face it, all creatives go through that from time to time. And it probably makes you better at what you do.

So go forth. Embrace January in all its creative glory.