Anyone remember when senior creatives used to stress out about the rise of ‘the digital’? I do. I used to wonder what they were going on about. It’s all ideas, right? Just another way of delivering them.

Well, now I’m that senior creative and I get it. A bit. A creative director recently admitted that he doesn’t know which jobs to go for anymore. “Am I a Managing Director, a CD, a Senior Designer or a Social Media Director? What’s the bloody difference?!” For him, he could do it all, and continues to.

I’ve been working at home a fair bit in recent years. But when I’m not, I’m back in an agency, witnessing ‘the digital’ becoming ‘the social’ and listening to account handlers read word for word from their briefing documents with limited pizzazz. Some things may never change.

And then, in true ‘freddy freelance’ fashion, I’m online scouring the job pages, having typed in ‘copywriter’ and turning up ads with all sorts of titles like ‘content writers’ and ‘SEO writers’. And you know what? It all feels a bit dirty.

Demeaned. Diluted. Dishwater-like.

If any employer wants a good copywriter, they need to embrace that. A good writer will be able to turn their hand to anything. Any client. Any industry. Any format. Whether it’s ‘the digital’, ‘the social’ or ‘the future innovation that hasn’t happened yet’.

Sure, copywriters write blogs. But if we’re worth hiring at all, that will be only a tiny part of what we can do. It takes years to hone a craft in any walk of life, no matter what you do, and you can only get better with experience. It’s why we’ll cost more than a person who just writes blogs for a living. It’s why we do this. Because otherwise, we wouldn’t have a title in the first place.

Not tired, past it or dulled, but shiny and enthused with added zing.

So go on, test me. Like Fairy Liquid, I promise to deliver twice as much value as rival brands.