I’m on the hunt for a new role and your ad excited me.

But I can’t work full-time. Mainly because I have life commitments, i.e. juggling kids.
So for that reason, I freelance. It gives me more control over my hours. I’ve been stepping out part-time for the best part of this year at a design agency in Shoreditch.
But now I want something more. I want to feel part of a team. I want to see my work through to fruition. I want to feel that I’ve contributed and helped others to be the best they can be too.
I want to be at that awards evening, cheering loudest when we get nominated and beat the likes of <insert your competitors> to the finish line with a carefully crafted piece of work that knocks spots off the competition.
And I want to sit and get on with the day job to the best of my ability, in the hours that I’m given to do it. I’m willing to go the extra mile. But it won’t require presenteeism. Because I will gain your trust pretty quickly so you will know I’m an employee to be counted on to deliver the goods.
Concepts. Long copy. Short form. Digital. Social. Direct. Film. Strategy. Proofing.

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