Recently, I saw a post on Twitter about the differences between a Content Writer and a Copywriter. None of the answers particularly inspired me and I passed on without passing comment. But it got me thinking. Why? Why didn’t I want to get involved in a Twitter pile on that I was well placed to answer?

Perhaps, when it comes to content copywriting, it’s because everyone has a slightly different take on it. For many people, it will be writing blogs and newsletters – which, let’s face it, anyone can do, technically. It might also include social media copywriting.

What is Content Design?

Lately, I’ve been working as a Content Designer. This current role sees me working in Content with a capital C, and it’s something else entirely. Yes, there’s copywriting. Yes, there’s ‘content’. And most of it is digital content. So how is this different, I hear you ask.    

All I can say is, I have never worked as a Content Designer before. I don’t physically design screens, but I do more than creating long form copywriting. I work with researchers to devise the best customer journey (CX) to help users get to their desired point online (UX). And then I put down words to improve the actual look and feel to assist this journey (UI).

Often, it’s not about the words you use. It’s about using fewer words and using them well. And above all, it’s about consistency. It’s about making a user journey far more intuitive.

I thought I’d done UX copywriting a hundred times over for brands across marketing agencies. But this latest role, with a huge global company, has given me access to some top brains, allowing me to sit in on incredible research Q&As, playbacks and content reviews. And that means I’ve had freer rein to use my brain too.

It’s easy to dismiss Content Design as something simplistic. Something that doesn’t allow you to be too creative. Sure, you’re not copywriting headlines as you would with luxury cars, using words like ‘exquisite’, ‘opulent’ and ‘contemporary’. But you are having to flex your copywriter brain to come up with the best possible way to use words in a succinct and consistent way. To keep up with the non-creatives you are listening to, the end user and the developers and other team members whose job it is to build/make or develop the product or service.

It’s been a fabulous booking so far, simply because I’m learning every day. The reason why being a copywriter is always, to my mind, the best job in the world.