Do you know the difference between brand essence and brand values? Do you know how to write a brand ladder? Or how about brand pillars? What’s the difference between a brand ladder and a brand triangle? And why does any of this matter?

I’ve recently been developing strategy and copy for an exciting alcohol brand. As part of this, I have put together all of the above. It can be confusing for anyone coming to a branding job afresh. But each of these areas of the branding journey can be vital for future copywriters (and designers) tasked with creating great copywriting and imagery.

Get it right, and you can make the whole process so much better for everyone concerned. Get it wrong, and communications will fail to be consistent, lacking cut through and impact, even defaulting on ROI. It is a big responsibility for a copywriter and another reason to hire someone with experience.

Here’s a crash course in deciphering the branding marketing jargon:

Your brand essence is what your brand stands for. It is the core of your offering.

Your brand proposition identifies the benefits of your brand for the consumer and turns it into a statement.

Your brand purpose is the reason your brand exists beyond making money alone.

Your brand personality is its human traits, how it makes the consumer feel and how it sounds will play into this. It is how consumers relate to the brand.

Your brand values are your guiding principles and everything you communicate will play into one or all of these.

Still unsure? It’s time to hire a freelance copywriter/strategist. Just saying.